1st September

Spent my 18th birthday with this bunch of lovely people. So grateful for them.


81/100 films with beautiful cinematography (in no particular order)

the pianist (2002)

directed by roman polanski

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This is the revival!

Yesterday was baccalaureate day, last day of school, last day of trying to make in into the hall, last day singing the school and national anthem. Really felt the intangible AC spirit yesterday morning, the bond that held us together as a cohort, as we sang in unison and cheered as one body. It would be good to put it into words, but the emotions i had yesterday morning cannot be expressed fully in words. I felt a sense of hope, despite knowing that i’ll never be completely ready to conquer the papers in two weeks. Numerous inspirational prayers by our principal, teachers and students really touched my heart. I felt the unconditional love showered upon us by the school, from our friends to the parents action team. I dare say Mrs Chan has been a dearly mother to us. Even though i didnt have the opportunity of talking to her, i knew she really cared for us through the devotions she shared with us. She always reminded us to have integrity and sound character, to love and to share. Really grateful to have such a loving principal; a great gift from God to all of us. If i did not leave Acjc as a smarter person, at least i left it as better person. Like what Mr Teo said, what is important is our inner core. It is our values and morals that will shape our paths in life. It is my prayer that the class of 2012 will remember the individual memories we have created and the friendships forged in their 2 years in Acjc, remember the priceless life lessons we learnt that can never be taught through lectures and tutorials and most importantly remember that God loves us and He’ll always be the for us.

Psalm 91:1
‘He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty’

It is a pity, and a dread to some, that soon we will have to move on to our next phase in life, to meet new people and to throw ourselves into an alien environment again. But do not be despaired as changes are inevitable and necessary, for The Best Is Yet To Be!


moon bay, kanas lake


moon bay, kanas lake